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  • Our 3 goals: 1.QUALITY 2.QUALITY 3.QUALITY


    Firestone worked out the complete roofing system with use of one layer EPDM membrane. System consists of large size membrane sheets, gluing tape, glues, leak stoppers, cleaning agents, ground coats, fasteners resistant to corrosion, finishing flashings and remaining materials necessary for roofing execution, designed and produced in such a way to guarantee the top quality.

Roofings – PVC, TPO foils

At present, creative architecture requires materials enabling architect realization of even the most sophisticated ideas.

We should carry these ideas into effect

  • Systems for roof without loads – mechanical fastening


  • Ballast systems – grit


  • Systems for green roofs – extensive or intensive application of green


  • Systems for utilizable roofs – parking spaces, terraces


  • Repairs and renovations